[EDU] Penumbra

I love my speedlights. But sometimes I would like a softer look, like sun shining from a window in a darker room, a bit of mistery. It turns out, you can relatively easily simulate that using speedlights, like I have done for this set. The mainlight is a Godox AD200 in a 60cm beauty dish with grids and is placed on camera right, almost on the same line where the model stands, as to create Rembrandt lighting (in the center one, it is loop). This creates dramatic lighting, but it is still quite clearly a flash, because the rest of the room is in complete darkness. So I have added a large 60x120 softbox placed about 2,5m from the model, basically behind me. The trick here, is finding the ratio between key and fill light. In my case the fill-light was about 1/16th the power of the main light and was placed further away, but you really have to experiment. The walls in the studio are all light gray, except the one behind the model, so they also further diffused the light.

Penumbra 1 Penumbra 2 Penumbra 3

Published on 30 Apr 2018