[EDU] Sunny day

  • Model: Mary Braun
  • Photography: Michele Balistreri

I have bought a big hat and I really wanted to shoot something in bright hard light. Something like this

Sun 4

The problem is that I live in St. Petersburg, not the must sunny place in the world, especially in this time of the year. Luckly, simulating bright daylight is something which can be done quite easily. I have used a single Godox TT600 speedlight without any modifier at 20mm zoom. I have placed it as high as I could and pointed it down towards the model. The model was standing at a light gray wall in my studio. This creates very sharp shadows and the white background screams summer. We added sunglasses to better tell our story.

Sun 1 Sun 3 Sun 2

Published on 26 Mar 2018