Desert beauty

Beauty is often associated with soft clam shell lighting. What if we try the exact opposite? We wanted to obtain that 12 o’clock on a sunny day look and rembrandt light. Below you can see the results.

Desert 1 Desert 3 Desert 2

To obtain this I used a quite unconventional setup. A single Godox TT600 from camera right unmodified, zoomed at 200mm. Under the model’s face I placed a silver reflector. Behind the model there is another speedlight with a pink filter to color the light-grey background. To make the model’s beautiful blue eyes stand out, we lit them with a continuous LED lamp which was not bright enough to be captured by the fast shutter speed, but bright enough to make the pupil shrink.

With the same setup (except in this case is loop and not rembrandt lighting) we also made this shoot focused on hairs moving. The movement was achieved using a simple hair dryer.


Published on 27 Feb 2018