Fine Art Nude

We are preparing a Fine Art Nude workshop with Mary Braun so we have been training poses and lighting schemes. We have worked very intensively and made different kind of nudes.


In this series, the body and its shapes are the only subject. In all three pictures the light comes from the side, keeping one side in complete darkness and showing only the pure shapes.

Body 1 Body 2 Body 3


Here the accent is on the model’s sensuality, with poses which accentuate her grace. Again, the light here comes from the side to accentuate the silhouette. In the second one the light actually points to the background instead of the model and her silhouette glows from the reflection.

Sensual 1 Sensual 2

Sensual 3


These are quite different from the previous two, in that the accent is not on the femininity of the model but on her plasticity. The model in this case is nude because any clothing would detract from the poses. The light here is simpler, illuminating the model frontally (but still from an angle to increase contrast). Only in the second one the light comes directly from above.

Plasticity 1 Plasticity 3 Plasticity 2 Plasticity 4 Plasticity 5

Published on 23 Feb 2018