[EDU] Home studio portraits

I have just setup a small home studio in an empty room in my apartment. This room has (almost neutral) light grey walls and 2,65m ceilings. I have called Mary to test this out and make some nice portraits. I have used single YN-660 speedlight and a 16” beauty dish. A silver/white reflector was also used to soften then shadows.

Portrait of Mary

We have also shoot another look, where she has a very serious, almost upset expression. The setup is the same but I have used broad-light combined with rembrandt-light. The background has been added in post-processing. The almost painting-like look was an artistic choice.

Strict Mary

I love working with a single light, because the creative possibilities are endless and at the same time it is very useful when learning light schemes, since you can clearly see the effects the positioning of the light has on the picture. Working with such a small beauty dish proved to be quite challenging and I would certainly recommend getting a larger one, I will surely do that.

Published on 23 Nov 2017